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Environmental Green Products :: Garden and Farm :: Growing supply :: Row covers for season extending :: Wire Loop Hoops for Row Covers (bundle of 10)

Loop hoop
100-800 each
900-5000 each
5000 plus each
Price per case (10 each)
  • New wire loop hoops.
  • These hoops are made from 6 gauge galvanized metal.
  • These quick tie hoops ensure that the frost cover will not touch your plant blossoms or fruits.
  • Easy and quick to install.
  • Loop hoops will not fall or collapse.

Indigenously designed wire hoops for use with floating row covers. Each hoop is twisted to create two unique loops at the top that allow for no-knot connections between hoops with twine. Securing hoops in this manner prevents hoops from falling over, especially useful in windy conditions, and allows for wider spacing of hoops as taut twine strung between hoops also supports the fabric. Hoops are #6 galvanized steel, 16" wide x 23" tall.

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