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The insecticides and herbicides which are widely used by homeowners, farmers and gardener are claimed to be safe by the pesticide industry. Many people use these chemicals on their lawns and around the house where children and pets play, and these toxic chemical are also sprayed from airplanes, ostensibly to control pests such as gypsy moths or mosquitoes.

In addition to being a danger to people and pets, some portion of an applied pesticide always finds its way via rainwater runoff into local streams, rivers, lakes, and groundwater. The amount of contamination from your individual yard may not be much, but when you add it up across all the pesticide-treated lawns in a given area, it's a significant problem. Most of these chemicals are carcinogenic, neurotoxins, allergens and cause diseases and disorders amongst people.

Some folks will likely choose to continue using pesticide products around the home until they have been shown beyond any doubt to be unsafe. Here's where things can get serious. Natural pest control is available and it is effective. New products are constantly being developed to provide non-toxic, low impact alternatives to organic gardeners. There are plenty of tools available to help keep the peace between you and them. There are beneficial insects, botanical insecticides. Biological insecticides (beneficial insects at the microscopic level where bacteria and fungi combat pests), barriers, suffocates, minerals, pheromone lures, traps and more. And, don't forget to create the habitats necessary to attract beneficial birds, bats, and insects.

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