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Vital Earth's Organic Manna Mix 1.5 CF bag
Vital Earth's Organic Manna Mix 2 Yard tote
$399.95 please call for shipping quote

Vital Earth's Organic Manna Mix:
This is our superior coconut-based planting mix. With Vital Earth's Coconut Pith, the holding capacity of the extra-long strands of burgundy extra-low saline content coconut coir, creates the perfect water-to-air ratio for this ideal container planting mix,your plants are sure to be happy and healthy from seeding to harvest with the specially formulated Vital Earth's Manna Mix consisting of a superior blend Vital Earth's Coconut Pith, sphagnum peat moss, perlite, pumice, Mega Worm earthworm castings, Vital Earth's Organic Compost OMRI, Vital Earth's Rose & Flower Mix, Vital Earth's Powdered Glacial Rock.

Contains Vital Earth's Coconut Pith (low saline)
Contains Vital Earth's Rose & Flower Mix
Mega Worm earthworm castings promotes enhanced germination, root growth, plant-growth, crop yield & water-holding capacity in soils.
Contains mycorrhizal fungi and Vital Earth's Powdered Glacial Rock.
Fortified with Vital Earth's Organic Compost OMRI

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