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High nitrogen bat guano 9-3-1 (2.2 lbs)
High nitrogen bat guano 9-3-1 (22 lbs)
High nitrogen bat guano 9-3-1:
Vital Earth's High Nitrogen 100% bat guano helps to increase the size and quantity of foliage in all vegetative plants, vines, shrubs, and trees. 100% bat guano. No additives. Promotes improved crop yields. Soil deficient in organic matter may be made more productive by the use of High Nitrogen bat guano.
Vital Earth's High Nitrogen 9-3-1 is fast-acting, natural source of soluble nutrients, high in nitrogen. Use on soil at 5 lb/100 sq ft or 300-500 lb/acre. Use it as a foliar spray or injectable solution by preparing a guano tea: steep 3-5 lb in 5-10 gal of water for 1-2 days. Strain, dilute to 2-4 Tbs/gal of water and spray on plants. Tea can be used in fertigation and drip systems, if filtered.
Caution: Excess application of high Nitrogen guano may burn your plants.
Note: Guanos have many excellent properties that demonstrate their value as an organic product of the highest quality, justifying the statement of many growers that it is "superior to all other organic fertilizers."
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