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We offer exceptional quality tools with affordable pricing

The largest bulk of our customer base is professional growers and landscapers who rely on quality tools that will hold up over time. In this type of environment a small improvement in tool efficiency makes for greater productivity at the end of the day. For instance a normal cut by a pruner will require a force equal to about 50 pounds. If this force can be reduced by even 10 percent then after 5000 cuts, 12.5 tons of effort will have been saved.

We also realize that all our customers come in many hand sizes and some are left handed and some right handed. Some of our customers need a good pruner for their worker but the tool has a way of getting lost or disappears. And still other customers have their original pruner that dates back ten years and they need just parts. We want to know what the user likes, or dislikes, about the hand pruners, saws, hedge shears, etc. that they are using. We welcome feedback from our customers on tools we carry.

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