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Environmental Green Products :: Eco-Building :: Water and shower filters :: RS-502 Dechlorinating Shower Filter

RS-502DS Dechlorinating Shower Filter with Whedon Fixed Action Shower Head
RS-502MS Dechlorinating Shower Filter with Amcor Massage Action Shower Head
RS-502 Dechlorinating Shower Filter without Shower Head



The RS-502 is a sealed back unit and comes with a back flush adapter so it can be reversed when needed to flush out collected contaminates and particulate matter.
These units can be modified for particular environmental applications such as low or medium water pressure, making them appropriate for overseas applications.

Non cartridge filter, converts Chlorine into a harmless soluble chloride Includes backflush adapter. Available with Whedon fixed action shower head, Amcor massage shower head, or in no-head model. Unit life is approximately 12-15 months
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