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Plantonix Inc. The full line of products offered by Plantonix is composed of all natural and organic commodities for all of your gardening or farming needs. We want to help grow the belief in producing crops organically and that begins in the soil and soil amendments in which we provide to our customers. At Plantonix, we strive to offer you the highest quality natural and organic fertilizers, mulches and more! Our products are used by nurseries, home gardens, garden centers, commercial gardeners and farmers who are eco-conscious and want to provide their families and clients with a natural, organic product. Our product line encompasses the environmental friendly view we have and would like to bring to you and your products. Our line contains growing mediums, worm castings, organic fertilizers and neem seed products. These products all are made without the use of synthetic fillers; unlike many other companies, we blend our products with the highest quality products available. Using our products will not only lessen your carbon footprint, but it will also allow you to produce much larger crops and give you confidence that you are providing your garden or farm with the highest quality growing materials. Allow us the pleasure of giving you the gift of a healthy, organic farm or garden, free of unnatural and harmful additives.

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