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Product Pricing
OSMO One Coat Only 0.75L $39.50
OSMO One Coat Only 2.5L $119.50

OSMO One Coat Only:
One Coat Only is a semitransparent stain suitable for interior and exterior use. It colors the wood but the grain still shows. This product has an unusually high solids content—85 percent. It covers up to three times as much area as exterior stains with only 15 to 40 percent solids.

Because of its pigments, One Coat Only provides excellent protection against ultraviolet rays from the sun, which destroy wood fibers by degrading the substance (lignin) that holds them together. Dark shades of stain offer more protection against UV than light shades do.
  • Made mostly from readily renewable, natural ingredients.
  • When dry, meets European safety standards for use on children's furniture and toys and resistance to perspiration and saliva.
  • Only solvent is aliphatic low-odor mineral spirit, the safest effective solvent available.
  • Easy to apply—just one coat.
  • High coverage rate—economical.
  • Does not raise the grain of wood, so there's no need to sand between coats.
  • Won't peel, rub or flake off. Finish resists water, dirt and abrasion.
  • Dries to a satin sheen.
One liter covers approximately 200 square feet.
Wood surface must be clean, frost-free and dry (maximum moisture content of 20 percent).

Old paints and varnishes must be removed. Old microporous stains only have to be cleaned.

On new wood, where possible, apply the finish to all sides of the wood before installation. It's easier and neater.

Stir the finish thoroughly. Don't thin.

Use a stiff brush. OSMO brushes are ideal because of their short bristles. Dip the brush into the well-stirred finish and apply in a very thin coat along the line of the wood grain. Brush back and forth to spread out the stain.

Drying takes about 12 hours.

Clean brushes with mineral spirits or the benzene-free OSMO Brush Cleaner.

Can be stored for five years or longer.

Freezing doesn't ruin this product. If the can freezes, the finish may thicken. But it will regain normal consistency and be ready to use after two or three days at room temperature.
85 percent solids (the part of a finish that remains on the wood after the finish dries): natural vegetable oil (sunflower), iron oxide, organic pigments, and white titanium dioxide pigment—all officially approved for use in the food sector in Germany. This finish also contains water-repellent additives and lead-free dryers.

The remaining 15 percent is solvent: aliphatic low-odor mineral spirits that meet the German standard for purity.

WARNING: Spontaneous Combustion Danger!
Oil-soaked materials (rags, steel wool, sanding dust, etc.) may spontaneously combust.
Immerse oil-soaked materials in water and store in an air-tight container.
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