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OSMO Professional Scraper
OSMO Floor Brush
OSMO Brush Cleaner (L)
OSMO Stain Brush 1"
OSMO Stain Brush 2"
OSMO Stain Brush 2.25"
OSMO Stain Brush 4"
With a solids content of 65%, the OSMO Polyx Oil meets the latest U.S.and California air-quality laws. The hand application method is easy and almost foolproof if you follow our application instructions. We recommend this process for homeowner and small professional applications. OSMO Polyx oil must be applied to a clean, dry sanded wood or over itself.

The floor must be clean and free of dust before beginning application. Unlike water and oil-based polyurethane finishes, Osmo Polyx Oil does not form a thick finish layer. Rough areas, sanding or machining errors and other uneven areas must be taken care of prior to application.

OSMO Professional Scraper:
1. High grade stainless steel construction.
2. Telescopic handle for comfort and easy storage.
3. Use to spread OSMO Polyx oil evenly across flooring.
4. Rounded corners and beveled edges, will not harm surface.
OSMO Floor Brush
1. Essential tool for applying our popular OSMO Polyx-Oil floor finish.
2. Short bristles are packed 1 1/8 inch thick, allowing the finish to be worked into the wood with a vigorous brushing action.
3. Brush is 9 inches long to help speed application.
4. Can be hand-held or fitted with a stiff pole.
OSMO Brush Cleaner
1. Highly refined mineral spirits.
2. Less toxic than common paint thinners. Contains no benzene or d-limonene.
3. Very little odor.
4. Cleans tools of residue from oil-based products.
5. Removes fresh oil-based paint, crayon marks, resin stains, glue residues, tar spots and more.
OSMO Hand Brushes
1. Natural-bristle brushes with metal ferrule and wood handle.
2. Short, thick bristles carry a lot of finish and are stiff enough to allow vigorous brushing.
3. Designed to work especially well with our OS-brand wood stains.
4. Can also be used with other brands of oil-based stains.

We recommend using Osmo finishes and solvents only where ventilation is good. If you must work where ventilation is poor, wear a respirator that works -in this case, a half-face rubberized mask fitted with an organic-vapor cartridge.
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