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Organic fertilizer comes from plants, animals and mined minerals. Examples: plant fertilizer - sea kelp (seaweed), alfalfa meal, corn gluten meal and cottonseed meal; green manure living cover crop plants turned into the soil; natural fertilizer from animals - blood meal, bone meal, fish meal, and composted chicken manure; and mined natural fertilizer - limestone, soft rock phosphate and gypsum. Any combination of organic fertilizer will feed soil organisms who produce plant food in a plant available form. Use powdered & granulated fertilizer or pelleted organic fertilizer for soil application, and organic liquid fertilizer via irrigation or foliar sprays.

Naturally occurring organic fertilizers include manure, slurry, worm castings, peat, seaweed, sewage, and guano. Green manure crops are also grown to add nutrients to the soil. Naturally occurring minerals such as mine rock phosphate, sulfate of potash and limestone are also considered Organic Fertilizers.

Manufactured organic fertilizers include compost, blood meal, bone meal and seaweed extracts. Other examples are natural enzyme digested proteins, fish meal, and feather meal. The decomposing crop residue from prior years is another source of fertility. Though not strictly considered "fertilizer", the distinction seems more a matter of words than reality.

Some ambiguity in the usage of the term 'organic' exists because some of synthetic fertilizers, such as urea and urea formaldehyde, are fully organic in the sense of organic chemistry. In fact, it would be difficult to chemically distinguish between urea of biological origin and that produced synthetically. On the other hand, some fertilizer materials commonly approved for organic agriculture, such as powdered limestone, mined rock phosphate and Chilean saltpeter, are inorganic in the use of the term by chemistry.

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