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Nisaku Brand Hori Hori (Stainless Steel Version) Serrated Edge with Sheath

The sheath can be purchased above
Nisaku Brand Hori Hori (Stainless Steel Version) Serrated Edge with Sheath

The stainless steel version of the regular Hori-Hori Digging Tool is bound to be a big hit with gardeners who use their Hori-Hori tool for so many jobs in the garden. Made in Japan, this traditional tool was originally used for excavating prized bonsai in the mountains. Gardeners now find it indispensable for cutting, digging and scraping weeds, roots and vegetables. The large stainless steelblade is concaved-shaped which makes it excellent for digging and prying. The end is semi-sharp, with one side of the blade bevelled for scraping and the other edge serrated for cutting anchored roots. The handle is a thick wood for a strong grip. Included is a sturdy brown vinyl sheath with belt loop. Like the original version this tool is very practical and multi-purpose. It's also easy to clean and will cut through soil and roots with ease.

Another all-purpose digging knife made out of stainless steel. It is lighter and sharper compared to the carbon steel hori hori, making it useful for cutting weeds and transplanting. It also resists rust. One side is serrated to make cutting weeds and small branches easier. It comes with a sheath.

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