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Neem Extract Powder 25 gram
Neem Extract Powder 50 gram
Neem Extract Powder 100 gram

Neem Extract Powder is very effective
No solvent added to the product
Absolutely safe and non-toxic
Very economical as compare to other neem products
Neem Extract Powder is a water soluble. For application on floriculture and vegetables, foliar sprays at rate of teaspoon per gallon can be used every week. Neem Extract Powder can be applied systemically, either as root feeding or stem injection at 1 gram in 10 ml water per tree.
Add 1 tablespoon Neem Extract Powder per gallon of water, let it sit for 10 minutes to dissolve, add wetting agent (Therm X70) for foliar application. All leaves should be drenched thoroughly. Can also be applied as root drench.
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