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Horticultural perlite (4 cu. ft. bag)
Horticultural perlite (4 cu. ft. bag):

Perlite is a mixed glassy silicate of volcanic origin. Its unique internal structure consists of numerous tiny closed air cells surrounded by a large exterior irregular surface. Expanded Perlite is ultra-lightweight, inert, sterile, permanent, incombustible, asbestos- free, non-toxic, rot and vermin proof and has a neutral pH. Its internal closed air-cell structure resists thermal transmission giving Perlite its inherent insulating properties. Its extremely large, open surface area offers benefits in other areas such as horticulture and filtration.

Applications include, but are not limited to:

  • Propagation media for rooting cuttings planting media, seedling mixes, turf improvement
  • Lightweight planting media for rooftop, balcony & movable planters.
  • Hydroponic growing
  • Soil conditioner & compost aid
  • Insulation - extreme low temperature cryogenic tanks; loose fill insulation for concrete block and cavity walls.
  • Lightweight insulating concrete - roof deck construction, floor fills, heated & unheated slabs on grade.
  • Sub-floor heating insulation
  • Lightweight plaster aggregate
  • Roofing shakes
  • Ceiling tiles
  • Tile, mortars & grouts
  • Chimney flu relining
  • Non-load bearing lightweight fill for bridges & tunnels
  • Insulating Refractories
  • Filtration
  • Ultra-fine bubble filler
  • Waste water treatment
  • Sludge solidification
  • Paint and coating textures
  • Product carrier/extender
  • Firebox insulation
  • Drilling mud aggregate
  • Abrasive in soaps & polishes
  • Molten metal insulation & slag coagulant
  • Underground & rigid form pipe insulation
  • Inventive Perlite applications yet to be pursued or discovered
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