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Environmental Green Products offers high quality gardening tools including Japanese tools. Traditional Japanese tools are not stainless. The same thing is true today as in years gone by: the best tool blades are made of carbon steel, which simply is not stainless. However, it requires only a little care to keep them from getting rusty. Just dry them after use! From time to time they need to receive a smear of oil.
Japan is known throughout the world for its beautifully designed and carefully tended gardens. This work requires tools of the highest quality, designed to help the gardeners work most efficiently. Our collection represents the absolute best we were able to find to help you create your own beautiful garden in any of the world's gardening styles.
Tools available are Saw, Pruner, Shears, Polepurner, Hedge Sheares, Lopper, Weeder, Sickle, Trowel, Hoe, Hatchet, Frog, Knife, Book, Bag, Holder, Broom, Camellia Oil, etc.

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