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AcriSoy Clear Satin Sealer Gallon
AcriSoy Clear Satin Sealer 5 Gallons
AcriSoy Clear Gloss Sealer Gallon
AcriSoy Clear Gloss Sealer 5 Gallon
AcriSoy Masonry, Stone, Tile and Grout Sealer (MST) Gallon (click here to buy)
AcriSoy Masonry, Stone, Tile and Grout Sealer (MST) 5 Gallons (click here to buy)
AcriSoy Grout Sealer 32 Ounces (click here to buy)

Acri-Soy Penetrating Clear Sealers:

Acri-Soytm is the world's leading bio-based penetratingclear sealer that is formulated from advanced proprietary chemical technology utilizing soy esters and modified acrylics. Acri-SoyTMis a unique environmentally compliant sealer that has the inherent ability to effectively penetrate and protect porous substrate surfaces by creating a molecular bond and seal.

Our bio-based technology outperforms typical water-based and solvent based sealers by providing long lasting protection against moisture, UV, mold, mildew, efflorescence, dusting, marring, and stains. It is virtually odorless and contains no hazardous ingredients. Since it is a true penetrating sealer, it will not alter the surface coefficient of friction.

Acri-SoyTM is available (2) specialty formulations. First premium multi-purpose penetrating sealer, Acri-Soy Clear Sealer is available in satin or low gloss sheen in 1, 5,or 55 gallon containers. Use this sealer for all horizontal high traffic areas on surfaces such as concrete and wood. Acri-Soy MST is specially formulated matte finish masonry, stone, tile and grout sealer ideal for flood coat applications and a no sheen vertical wall sealer. It is available in 1, 5, and 55 gallon containers. Acri-Soy Grout Sealer is MST formulation packaged in a 32 ounce bottle for small use areas and primary application for tile grout sealing.

Installation is fast, easy, and safe with unsurpassed coverage capability of 400-600 square feet per gallon or up to 200 linear feet per quart. The Acri-Soy Penetrating Sealer technology is ideal for indoor and outdoor solvent free applications for: concrete, masonry, wood, stucco, adobe, plaster, drywall, fiber cement, brick pavers, natural stone, tile, grout, and more...

CSI Divisions:
Division 7- Thermal & Moisture Protection, 07 1900 Water Repellents
Division 9 - Finishes, 09 9300 Staining & Transparent Finishing; 09 9400 Decorative Finishing
LEED Green Building Rating System:
Materials & Resources:
Building Reuse, MR Credit 1
Local/Regional Materials, MR Credit 5
Rapidly Renewable Materials, MR Credit 6
Indoor Environmental Quality:
Low-Emitting Materials, EQ Credit 4

The Technology:
Acri-Soytm is made from rapidly renewable resources. The bio-based soy esters and modified acrylics, delivers true penetration and bonding that simulates conventional solvent based sealers with out off gassing or hazardous ingredients. This unique formulation also inherently provides UV, mold, mildew, and moisture resistance for maximum substrate surface protection.

Performance and Durability:
Acri-Soytm is not a topical sealer that loses its effectiveness over a short period of time. This alternative truly penetrates and bonds within the surface to deliver the most effective and long term surface protection available. The unique viscosity and smooth flow of Acri-Soy allows the installer to effortlessly apply an even and uniform application. The result is complete coverage and penetration with enhanced spread rates that no other sealer can match.

VOC: < 25 g/l
Odor: Very Mild. Virtually Odorless
Bio-Based Content: > 20% Solids Content: 20%
Installation Temperature: 40 F (4 C) to 120 F (49 C) Relative Humidity: 85% maximum, below 80% for best results.
Dry to Touch: 30 Min to 1 Hr depending on ambient temperature.
2nd Coat: 1 hour
Dry to TopCoat: 4-6 Hours (must be dry and tack free)
Open To Foot Traffic: 12 Hours Light, 24 Hours Normal
Hot Tire Resistance: 7 Days
Full Cure: 5 to 7 Days (Depending on environmental conditions)
Apply by HVLP (high volume, low pressure) sprayer, 16 NylFoam pad applicator, T-Bar applicator, or 3/8 or nap roller. You may also apply the material with a pump sprayer, then back roll.
The surface area must be clean, dry, porous and free from all contaminants that may prohibit penetration. Apply material in a thin even coat and avoid puddling. If puddles occur, backroll immediately to avoid lap marks or whitening.
For enhanced substrate protection against excessive wear and abrasion, choose our eco-friendly professional grade Poly-Soy Satin or Gloss Topcoat Finish. For high commercial traffic or industrial traffic environments you may consider using our Eco-Tuff High Traffic Clear Finish system
Acri-Soy Complete Installation Guide:
Optional Tools & Supplies:
Professional Mechanical Equipment:
Pressure Washer, Floor Buffer with White, Red and Black Pad, Commercial Wet/Dry Vacuum, High Volume Low Pressure (HVLP) Sprayer (Pressure Pot System w/HVLP Gun), Black & Decker HVLP Sprayer, Solo HD Pump Sprayer, Floor Fans.

Manual Applicators
18 T-Bar Lightweight Floor Coater, 16" NylFoam Pad Applicator, 18" Paint Tray, 3/8" Lint Free Roller.

Miscellaneous Tools & Supplies
Masking Tape, Painters Tape, Mop & Bucket,Clean Rags.

May be used on: Concrete, Masonry, Wood, Stucco, Plaster, Fiber Cement, Adobe, Brick Pavers, Natural Stone, Unpolished Tile, Tile Grout, and more.
The Function of Acri-Soy Sealer:
Sealing concrete, wood, or masonry substrate with our breathable soy ester dispersion technology provides a deeper bond, deeper protection and better wear resistance. The soy dispersion technology acts like a petroleum based solvent, but without the toxicity and odor. The natural plant oils provide the optimum non toxic carrier with modified acrylics to create a subsurface bond that is second to none. This technology allows Acri-Soy to fill the pores and provide maximum resistance against moisture, mold, mildew, staining, dusting and efflorescence. Providing this type of protection extends the life and appearance of the substrate. Choose from two Sealer finishes. Satin- A matte finish, penetrating sealer. Gloss - A low gloss penetrating sealer.

If you have a high moisture prone substrate, you may consider using our Eco-Tuff 2-Part Primer/Sealer followed by the Eco-Tuff High Traffic Clear Coat for a waterproof clear coat system. The Eco-Tuff system is also highly recommended for high commercial traffic areas where enhanced surface protection is required to help resist substrate damage caused by wear and abrasion.

If your surface is non-porous, you must install a topical sealer system. We recommend our Poly-Soy Clear Finish Topcoat, an eco-friendly polyurethane alternative solution that offers a breathable technology to provide sealer functionality along with a tough abrasion, moisture and stain resistant topcoat finish.
Surface Preparation:
Proper surface preparation is critical to a successful long term and beautiful installation. Surfaces must be clean and porous for proper penetration. Acri-Soy utilizes soy ester dispersion penetrating technology for a longer wearing and enhanced surface protection against moisture and staining. Test the surface in all areas within each pad or foundation sections for porosity by spraying a light water mist over the project area. If the water soaks in fast and easy in all areas you should have sufficient porosity and are ready to begin the project. If your water test beads on top of the surface or penetrates very slowly, you either have a non-porous hard trowelled surface or you may have oil, sealer, cure-n-seal, hardener or other substance that is prohibiting penetration. If you determine to have a non porous surface after all preparation steps, choose Poly-Soy as the preferred topical protective finish.
We recommend degreasing with our bio-based SoyFast Concentrated degreaser remove all oils, residues, and contaminants from the surface. Apply liberally at 1:1 heavy duty, 10:1 medium duty or 20:1 light duty. Power Wash clean or apply and rinse by hard bristle brush or floor machine with a black stripping pad. Use a wet/dry vac to extract the solution and allow to dry.
Acri-Soy Sealer Application:
If applying Acri-Soy over an existing stain system other than SoyCrete, be sure to test for compatibility and follow all manufacturer dry time instructions. Most applications will require only a single coat. It is recommended to install a minimum of 2 coats for automotive and high traffic areas for maximum protection. Allow approximately 1 hour intercoat dry time between sealer coats. Do not apply Acri-Soy over a topical stain system. If you desire a topical system choose Poly-Soy or the Eco-Tuff systems.
Application Methods:
Always perform sample tests using your desired method to determine repeatable spray techniques, strokes, rolls, etc that delivers the applicable amount of material without puddling or over saturating the substrate. Start from your farthest point working toward your exit path moving right to left or left to right.

HVLP Pressure Pot Sprayer- Adjust to a fine mist spray that delivers a uniform and puddle free application. If puddles occur, simply back roll with a 3/8 nap roller.

Solo HD Pump Sprayer- Set to a fine spray and apply in 3' pattern. Back-roll with a 3/8" nap roller to distribute and level all sealer material.

16 NylFoam Pad Applicator- Pour Acri-Soy into an 18 Paint Tray. Evenly saturate pad then apply in 3' wide passes in a thin even coat to ensure that you avoid creating puddles.

18 Heavyweight T-Bar Floor Applicator- Pour Acri-Soy in a straight line along a starting wall or line. Angle the T-Bar slightly as you walk pulling the T-Bar. The weight of the bar will distribute the sealer in a thin coat while moving excess away from the path for your return pass. Repeat. Be sure to work out any lap marks caused by excessive puddling.

Dry Time & Curing Process:
Allow Acri-Soy to dry for approximately 1 hour if applying a second coat. Allow 6 hours dry time if applying our Poly-Soy Clear Topcoat Finish over Acri-Soy. The surface may be suitable for normal foot traffic within 24 hours, but not recommended prior to 12 hours. Premature and unpredictable traffic may compromise the curing process and possible re-application may be required. Allow approximately 5-7 days prior to vehicular traffic to avoid hot tire pick-up. A fully cured system is hot tire pick-up resistant suitable for vehicular traffic. Full curing of the installation is approximately 5-7 days depending on environmental conditions. Avoid accumulation of standing water or washing with chemical detergents during the curing period.

Basic Troubleshooting:
White Residue- We recommend shutting off all irrigation that may affect an out door installation during the curing period. Avoid installation of Acri-Soy during rainy forecasts for outdoor installations. If Acri-Soy is subjected to standing water before the full chemical cure, it is possible to witness a white milky substance. If this occurs, simply allow it to dry and reabsorb into the surface naturally. Wiping or cleaning this substance will remove the uncured Acri-Soy. Should this happen, simply re-apply Acri-Soy to the affected area. Residue that occurs weeks or even months after the standard cure time, is often a sign of insufficient porosity of the substrate or over application. If Acri-Soy dries topically, it can reactivate when exposed to water. If this is the case, you must strip the topical layers by using a scrub pad or floor buffer with a medium coarse to coarse pad. After removing the topical layers, spray mist the area with water to ensure that the moisture repellency has not been reduced.

Avoid using chemicals to clean the surface during the curing period and up to 14 days. Surfaces may be subjected to normal foot traffic within 12-24 hours depending on environmental conditions. Use caution and avoid dragging equipment, furniture, etc. over the decorative floor during the curing period. Automotive traffic should allow a minimum of 5 to7 days for adequate cure to resist hot tire pickup. Pool environments should allow a minimum of 7-14 days before exposure to pool chemicals and standing pool water. Standard maintenance cleaning requires only the use of water and/or neutral cleaner. We recommend the use of microfiber wet/dry mops for a chemical free maintenance of your newly sealed floor. If you apply a specialty finish coat, follow all manufacturer floor finish care instructions. It is highly recommended to inspect the sealer for effectiveness every 2-3 years or as needed to extendthe life and beauty of your surface substrate.
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