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Earth Juice Product Line
The Earth Juice line of liquid organic fertilizers are derived from an array of 100% natural, organic ingredients and formulated for vegetables, ornamentals, shrubs, trees and lawns. Used by professionals and hobbyists worldwide. Non- burning formulas promote vigorous growth, and provide abundant yields. They are highly concentrated, easy to use, dust free, and contain no salt-building chemicals or hidden NPK boosting synthetics. No artificial additives, colors, or vitamins. No added chlorine or formaldehyde. Designed for soil and soil less media and for indoor or outdoor use, these trusted liquid concentrates fulfill the concerned gardener's need for a convenient alternative that will provide brilliant gardens of thriving plants, naturally. All the Earth Juice products may be used solely or together for custom formulas.

Earth Juice Products:

Earth Juice Grow: Nitrogen formulation for vigorous green growth. It may also be used as a Superior General Purpose Fertilizer that will provide vigorous growth and outstanding production of flowers, vegetables and fruit. It is the Best Choice for those who prefer to use a single formula.

Earth Juice Bloom: A no nitrogen phosphorous formula that is used to promote buds, flowers, fruit and vegetables. Use at first sign of budding and throughout the production period. Also good for plants that do not require any nitrogen, such as cactus and legumes.

Earth Juice Catalyst: (XATALYST in Canada) A premium natural-organic to use in conjunction with other NPK fertilizers. Contains molasses and other selected organic ingredients.

Earth Juice Microblast : A proprietary liquid micronutrient formula to be used to prevent and correct micronutrient deficiencies. May be watered in or used as a foliage spray.

Earth Juice Meta-K: Natural potassium-based formulation for maturing, fruiting, and flowering plants that require more potassium.

Earth Juice Assist: Registered with the state of California as a natural wetting agent for soil and media. A must for conditioning coconut coir, peat, rockwool, etc.

Earth Juice Natural Up and Natural Down: pH adjusting crystals for plant fertilizers. Optimal pH range for fertilizer/nutrient solution for most plant and turf is 5.5-6.5. Mix solution thoroughly and adjust pH prior to application. Use the solution that day.

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