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Cosmic Castings: 100% pure worm castings (10 lbs)
Cosmic Castings: 100% pure worm castings (1 CF)
Cosmic Castings: 100% pure worm castings (2.25 yards tote)
$950.00 (call for shipping quote)

We take great pride in our 100% pure Cosmic Castings (worm castings).  We raise our worms in our indoor facility, where we can monitor the temperature to ensure optimum growth and health for our worms.  Our worms are fed old forest humus with our special worm mix, which contains a wide variety of minerals and trace elements required for best possible plant growth in plant available form. Our 100% pure natural castings contain profuse beneficial microbial population wide bio-diversity. Cosmic Castings are free from weed seeds, E. coli and Salmonella. We do use animal manure in manufacturing our pure worm castings. Out pure castings are a natural soil amendment that comes to you straight from nature with no modifications.

Material passing through earthworm’s body is digested and altered in chemical and physical properties. Castings coming out of worm’s body are inoculated with beneficial microbes and are extremely fertile. Pure worm casting are full of plant hormones, amino acids and vitamins.  Our 100% natural earthworm castings can be immediately absorbed by the plant as if it were directly injected or provide nutrition to plants over a longer period of time and very cost effective. Over usage of pure worm casting will not burn plants.

Quality Assurance:

  • 99% Pure Organic Worm-Castings
  • Not produced with yard waste or landfill
  • Not made with Horse, -Cow or any grazing animal manure
  • Guaranteed Weed seed free
  • Indoor manufactured and fed a controlled quality diet
  • Free of E-Coli and Salmonella
  • Contains natural soil microbes
  • Guaranteed the Highest Standard for Worm-Castings
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