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Bio Organics Mycominerals 4 lbs jar
Bio Organics Mycominerals (case of 6 jars 4 lbs each)

Bio Organics Mycominerals:
MycoMinerals™ Garden Fertilizer is a soil additive with an important bio ingredient, mycorrhiza that attaches to the roots of plants, and manages the plant's uptake of nutrients and water in the soil. The new MycoMinerals™ Garden Fertilizer is the result of ten years of growing experimentation using volcanic minerals and the natural soil organisms that convert minerals into plant nutrients - the process by which wild plants thrive without fertilizers.

Work MycoMinerals™ Garden Fertilizer into your garden or potting soil to provide essential minor and trace elements and mycorrhizae at the same time.

That is the purpose of MycoMinerals: Give garden plants everything they need to perform to their full potential, based on the best knowledge from the fields of both chemistry and biology.

General Application Advice
MycoMinerals™ Garden Fertilizer is designed to be lightly blended into the soil surrounding plants - however far their roots extend - although it can scattered in just the planting holes for larger transplants. Adding compost to the soil and/or covering soil with natural-material mulches whenever possible is suggested. Additional fertilizing is usually not necessary, but small amounts of dry organics (pelleted fish, feather meal, etc.) can be used if desired.

Never apply liquid fertilizers of any kind at planting time or during growing season. This will disrupt the biological activity in the soil and make the plants depend on you for more and more frequent applications.

And, be patient! This method is powerful, but will not show results overnight like chemical "plant foods." The MycoMinerals™ material is non-toxic and gentle to plants, so somewhat larger applications will not be harmful. Re-apply annually for best results.

The vegetable garden:
For larger gardens, work MycoMinerals™ into top 4-6 inches of soil at a minimum rate of 1 lb. per 50 square feet. Then, plant or seed as usual. See general advice about compost, mulches, and fertilizers. For individual larger plants (tomatoes, melons, squash, grapevines, etc.), scatter one-half cup of MycoMinerals™ in 2-foot circle and work into soil before transplanting. 

Flower beds (annuals, perennials, seeds):
NEW: Scatter 1-2 lbs. of MycoMinerals™ per 50 square feet and work into top 4-6 inches of soil before planting.
EXISTING: Scatter MycoMinerals very lightly around plants and immediately scratch into top 1-3 inches of soil (the mycorrhizal fungi spores can be damaged by UV rays). Follow with a good watering.

Larger ornamentals (roses, marigolds, daisies, zinnias, asters, etc.):
NEW : Scatter one-half cup of MycoMinerals™ in a 2-foot circle and work into top 4-6 inches of soil before planting.
EXISTING: Scatter the same amount around the plant, then scratch into top 1-3 inches of soil to avoid disturbing roots. Follow with watering.

Container plants (outdoor or indoor, including bonsai):
NEW: Blend MycoMinerals™ into potting soil at rate of 1 cup per 1 cubic foot.
EXISTING: Either repot and use blended potting soil in new pot as much as possible, or scratch MycoMinerals™ into top 1-3 inches of soil and follow with watering. For latter approach, application amount will vary according to size of pot - from a teaspoon for smallest pots to a half-cup or more for larger ones.

Fall bulbs (daffodils, tulips, etc.)
Just as for your vegetable garden, work MycoMinerals™ into top 4-6 inches of soil at a minimum rate of 1 lb. per 50 square feet. Then, plant bulbs as usual. If planting in spot areas of the garden, a teaspoon of MycoMinerals™ at the bottom of each hole could also be done.

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