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Baseline Liquid Humus Plus (Liquid humus concentrate)1 gallon
Baseline Liquid Humus Plus (Liquid humus concentrate) 2.5 gallons
Baseline Liquid Humus Plus (Liquid humus concentrate):

Baseline™ liquid and granular humus concentrates function as a complete probiotic soil supplement. This ancient humus is harvested from a pristine North American source and results from millions of years of aerobic decomposition. Baseline™ provides a plentiful source of silica, trace minerals, humic, fulvic, and other organic acids, and is so thoroughly decomposed; it is soluble in water! Use Baseline™ in both organic and chemical systems. Top dress it directly into planting beds and pots, inject it into irrigation systems, apply it as a spray onto plant foliage, and add it to compost tea brews. The applications and uses for Baseline™ are as diverse as the organisms and plant growth catalysts it contains.

Baseline is NOP approved and 100% non-toxic, making it safe for use around people, pets, and--of course--the planet.

The benefits of regular Baseline™ applications include:

  • Reduces water inputs
  • Increase yields while using less N-P-K fertilizers
  • Vigorous root growth
  • Increased resistance to plant pests and diseases
  • Building and maintaining aerobic soil structure
  • Reduced salt buildup and nutrient leaching
  • Break down and neutralize pesticide and fertilizer residues

Baseline Liquid™ General Application Instructions:

Apply Baseline Soluble Liquid Humus Concentrate during all stages of plant growth. Can be applied up to day before harvest. Will not clog most emitters.

  • Soil Drench: 1-2 oz per gallon of water weekly
  • Foliar plant spray: 10-25 gallons per acre (1-4 cups per 1000 sf.)
  • Hydroponics: Nutrient film, aeroponics (1-3 tsp/gal) Ebb and flow (3-6 tsp/gal).
  • Turf: 5-25 gallons per acre monthly
  • Pasture: .05-10 gallons per acre annually
  • Irrigation injection: row crops and orchards mix rate .01-5% (10-50 gal/acre) weekly
  • Compost tea: 1-2 oz per gallon as a stand alone compost tea or combine with your favorite aerobic

Aerobic fungi: 260 micrograms/gram
Aerobic bacteria: 410 micrograms/gram
Protozoa: 490-individuals/ gram
Testing performed by Soil Foodweb Inc.

Also available in a 275 gallon tote. Please contact us for more information on large orders

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