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ARS Garden Secateur 120DX Pruner

ARS Garden Secateur 120DX Pruner 
ARS Brand Garden Secateur 120DX:
  • A professional quality pruner, designed to allow smooth pruning.
  • The blade is coated with hard chrome to resist rusts and sap.
  • The plastic handle is designed to provide a comfortable grip.

Price: $51.95


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ARS Brand Garden Secateur Pruner 120DX 7.5inch


The most of the surface of ARS products are coated with 5 to 10μ thickness of Hard-Chrome layer. This offers greater hardness, rust proofing, superior durability as well as the sharp looking of the cutting edge. The smooth surface prevents from resin, accumulating the blades, especially on the fresh woods.

ARS uses High-Carbon granular spheroid annealing Steel. The steel for blades which is a chemical compound made up of iron and carbon, and more carbon makes it harder. ARS select the steels carefully and use only steels with High-Carbon granular spheroid annealing. This is applied on all the ARS items.



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