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A row cover is simply a piece of cloth that growers use to cover plants for frost, weather or insect protection. They come in many sizes, thicknesses and materials. They are cut to fit a row or bed laid on top of the plants or on hoops, anchored with rocks or other material and they than can keep hail frost or insect at bay. They are not always easy to handle especially the first season or two-there is a definite learning curve with row cover technology but they are a good answer to a lot of potential problems to the sustainable grower such as protection from weather, keeping moisture in the soil, better germination in seed starting, season extension, protection from agricultural chemicals, protection from cross pollination (must hand pollinate) and insect protection. Row covers are available for virtually every situation. Using these products allows you to raise ambient night time temperatures as much as 10 degrees F and daytime temperatures by as much as 30 degrees F. Extend your growing season and improve productivity conveniently with row covers.
Most plants don't like the weight of covers on them so it is advisable to use hoops. The Length to cut the material depends on the width of your beds and the height of the plants to be covered. Hoops are very important for season extension as plants touching row cover will get frost damage. Seed beds can have the covers put right on the soil. The covers keep moisture in the ground and greatly aid in germination.

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