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Agribon AG-50

Agribon AG-50 
Agribon AG-50:
  • Agribon row covers are a better value than similar products because Agribon row covers are heavier, tougher covering.
  • Agribon can move with weather conditions and still remain securely in place after installation.
  • Agribon is made of spun bonded polypropylene fabric.
  • Agribon AG-50 has 50% light transmission.
  • Agribon AG-50 row covers provides up to 6º to 8º F frost protection
  • Agribon row covers are excellent for over-wintering containerized ornamentals. 
  • Provides emergency freeze protection to foliage nursery stock, strawberries, and citrus.

Price: $23.00

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Weight (lbs per roll)

1-24 rolls

25 plus rolls

Agribon AG-50

1.5 oz per square yard

Agribon AG-50 (83" x 50') 3.5



Agribon AG-50 (83" x 500') 39



Agribon AG-50 (10" x 500') 59



Agribon AG-50 (10" x 1500') 157



Agribon AG-50 (14' x 500') 79



Agribon AG-50 (26' x 500') 165



Agribon AG-50 (30' x 800') 276



Agribon AG-50 (45' x 500') 265



Agribon AG-50 (50' x 300') 157



Agribon AG-50 (50' x 500') 305



Agribon AG-50 Custom size

Agribon® is an ultra-light weight, resistant non woven fabric 100% polypropylene. Without interfering with plant growth, allows sun light, air and water to pass trough without any effect on the plant. During the manufacturing process (spun bond) an UV stabilizer is added, making Agribon stronger and long lasting to ensure its reusability.

Agribon builds a special weather, with the specific amount of humidity and temperature inside the cover, promoting the correct growth of your crops.

It's important to consider Agribon as a physical barrier, keeping away plagues like whiteflies and other aphids that could transmit viruses away.

In cold or hot weather Agribon the polypropylene barrier protects your crops, keeping the correct humidity and temperature under the cover, encouraging development, achieving quality and improving performance in the crop growing.

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